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Monday, November 22, 2010

When 2 + 4 = ONE

I've just sent my order in for Kathy Nimmer's new book, Two Plus Four Equals One, Celebrating the Partnership of People with Disabilities and Their Assistance Dogs.

Author and editor Kathy Nimmer, as stated on her website, is "an award-winning teacher, author, and motivational speaker," with many accomplishments.  She is a blogger (this is the link to her blog: and poet (her book, Minutes in the Dark, Eternity in the Light, was published in 2006) who also just happens to be working with her third guide dog, Elias.

Two Plus Four Equals One is a 268 page book packed with stories, poems, and photos written about and by people who work with and rely on amazing service dogs.  I, for one, can't wait to read it (and review it in a later post)!

The book can be ordered in various formats (standard book, audio MP3 CDs, PDF, or Word document) directly from her website: can also be ordered on Amazon.

The cover of Nimmer's book.

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