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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Puppy Update II

FLD Mike is now in Phase 2 training at Leader Dogs for the Blind!

There are four phases, each about four weeks in duration.  
  • FIRST PHASE.  The Future Leader Dogs are introduced to working in a harness on quiet streets, learning basic commands.
  • SECOND PHASE.  Additional commands are taught in more complex situations.  (Good luck, Mike!)
  • THIRD PHASE.  Country work, and busier urban areas.
  • FOURTH PHASE.  This is the most challenging phase.  The dogs must master all situations, including overhead obstacles, many cars, in all environments.
After being matched with their blind or visually-impaired handler, the Leader Dogs live with their new person in the apartments at Leader Dogs for three and a half weeks.  The handlers to learn how to care  for and work with their new partner.  If the handler agrees, the puppy-raiser can meet the new team!

Keeping our paws crossed, FLD Mike!  You've come a long way, with more to come.

FLD Mike--first day home.

FLD Mike--his last night with us.

FLD Gus got his last puppy-shots yesterday at the vet clinic at Leader Dogs for the Blind.  All is fine and he is growing fast--26 pounds!

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