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Monday, November 29, 2010

What a Difference a Walk Makes!


FLD Gus is out of control.  He leaps up yipping high-pitched puppy-barks in front of Gypsy, who is lying peacefully on the couch, over and over again as if our round Hagopian rug is a trampoline stationed in the middle of the room.  Finally, Gypsy lashes out a warning with bared teeth.

Gus isn't fazed.  He's seen these teeth and so far, they haven't meant much more than a warning.  He keeps leaping; his tongue licks out like a snake towards Gypsy; he can't contain his need to play.

Gypsy lunges with an in-suck of air and the rip is on!

Gus flies off into the kitchen, puppy-pads scrabbling for purchase on the tile floor before he offers his right side to the patio door.  BANG!  He flips around and dashes under the kitchen table--he has to really duck his head now that he's gotten so big.  He bangs against the chair legs; it won't be long until he runs the risk of getting stuck on one of them; I visualize a "hover-chair" twirling across the room.

Gypsy stands her ground, snarling at the edge of the trampoline-rug; Gus springs by, all fours in the air then all fours on the floor, risking a snap of his jaws as he wings on; he hits the hard-wood floor and slides head first into the closet wall; he turns and repeats, this time snaking the long way around behind the rocking chair, as far away from Gypsy as he can.

FLD Gus needs a walk, bad!


Andy and I sit down to eat more turkey leftovers for lunch.  FLD Gus leisurely rises from a sunny spot by the heater vent.  Where he had been laying.  He meanders over to his mat, which is stationed between the kitchen and the living room.  His puppy-dog-belly swings from side to side with every step like his body is hinged at the waist.

He pauses.

He turns.

He carefully lowers his rear end to the mat.

His front end follows.

He leans back against the wall.

He sighs.

He gazes up at me with browning puppy-eyes.

I wonder how long he'll be able to hold his head up.

What a difference a walk makes!


  1. Thanks, Erin! Your picture today of Pompei ( reminds me of the "before" Gus!