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Thursday, November 18, 2010

FLD Gus, Soccer Mascot

FLD Gus is a soccer fan.

Last night he attended his first indoor game of my niece Elaina's team, "Dynamite."  It was an awesome, fast-paced game, and everyone was amazed at the ball-handling skills of these "dynamite" players--both teams!

#14 Elaina, in control of the ball.

FLD Gus remained calm, in spite of cheers, buzzers, whistles, and bodies banging against the boards.   (He did need help negotiating the imposing metal stands to get to our seats.)

Unlike FLD Mike, who typically napped through the excitement, Gus occupied himself with a toy (until it fell through a crack in the bleachers), watched the game and all the spectators, and enjoyed cleaning what he could reach of the metal bench.

FLD Gus in the bleachers, paw placed firmly on his toy before it fell through the crack.

My throat is still scratchy from all the cheering--thanks, Dynamites, for a great game!  (Even though the Dynamites lost 4-3, it was a joy to watch.)

Elaina and team Dynamite congratulate the opposing team.

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