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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

National Blog Posting Month

Well, I've gone and done it.  Signed up to participate in the National Blog Posting Month.  (For more information, here is a link to their site:

This "30-day-commitment" is modeled after the National Novel Writing Month, which was started in San Francisco in 1999 by a group of 21 writers.  The National Novel Writing Month is a challenge to write  a 50,000 word novel in one month, with the idea to write with abandon, where quantity is desired over quality.

An interesting concept, but not one I'm willing to take on. 

However.  Writing a daily blog post for one month is something I can consider.  After all, that means I only add two days to my "blog-writing" week.  (Don't worry, I won't focus on "quantity!")

Thanks to L^2 over at Dog's Eye View, who posted about National Blog Posting Month on November 1, I took the bait.  So, for November, anyway, I'll be posting daily.

Get ready, FLD Gus!  You'll be getting lots of practice on your long "down/stays!"

FLD Gus practicing a long "down/stay" on his mat.

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