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Friday, November 5, 2010

Poetry: An Early Morning Puppy-Walk

A poem, inspired by my morning walk.

To read the poem above, "what makes a fall wind winter-y?" click on the picture and it will enlarge in your browser.  I did it this way to preserve the formatting.  Below is the same poem, although the formatting that I wanted might not be preserved in the post in all browser windows.  I wrote this after a nice long walk with FLD Gus and Gypsy this morning.

“what makes a fall wind winter-y?”

freight-train northern gusts
force a frost
            and wrestle with last-to-let-go leaves

this morning my cheeks glow burgundy


blood-flow squeezed by leather leashes,
my dogs on either side             prance in an eager march

Halloween decorations are stored away
save for a hostage ghoul with bound hands trussed on a tree trunk; the hiss
from inflatable spiders escapes
from cartoon turkeys now instead

my dogs scrutinize them as we pass

winter is coming
          but not today

-by patti

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