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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

At 14 weeks, everyday brings something new into the life of Future Leader Dog Dutch.

a three month old Golden Retriever puppy is standing at the left side of the photo. He has a blue collar and tag and is on a leash. A chair is in the background.
FLD Gus on Christmas Eve at our family gathering.

If he could make a New Year's resolution, I think it would be something like, "Try something new everyday!"

He might add, "If it's not fun, try something else!"

After his encounter with Peanut-the-cat, Dutch was intrigued by Jen's treadmill. We turned it on to the slowest speed.* Lured by bits of kibble, Dutch took a few steps. And a few more.

He paused. We gasped. Just before his back paws went off the end of the tread, he stepped forward. Good boy, Dutch! He got another treat.

He seemed eager to experiment. What happens if I jump off the side? He jumped back on. What if I stop? He plopped off the end, then stepped back on and kept walking.

Less than two minutes later, he hopped off in search of another adventure.

Dutch on the treadmill at Cori's.

At my family's Christmas gathering the next day, I found out that my niece Cori had a treadmill in her basement. You guys, come see what Dutch can do! I said. We turned it on; Dutch jumped on and took a few steps to get a treat. He jumped off. Been there, done that.

Dutch headed for the stairs. Never mind that the staircase was partly open and that the shiny tile surface on the steps was a new texture for the pup. He was on a mission. The spread (chicken, lasagna, spinach pie, cheese and crackers, cookies, and rum cake) was UPstairs.

Dutch! I called when he reached the landing. Time to practice name recognition as a pre-cursor to the "come" command.

FLD Dutch looks back at me from the top of the stairs.

He raced down. Good boy Dutch! I handed him a piece of kibble. 

Dutch, heading down the stairs.

He gulped the treat, turned and bounced back up the stairs.

Dutch, heading back up the stairs.

Dutch! Down he came. Good boy!

Back up he went. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down.

Dutch heads back up the stairs as someone else comes down.

Who knew stairs could be so much fun?

May your New Year be filled with fun new experiences!

*Disclaimer: Dutch was not forced to work out on the treadmill. He was exploring the surface when we turned it on to the slowest speed. He readily walked on his own and quit after a minute or two when he became distracted. Leader Dogs for the Blind does NOT endorse "forced" exercise (running, treadmill, biking) for puppies. 


  1. I think we can all learn something from Dutch about the importance of having fun. Happy New Year Patti!

    1. And he does have fun! Happy New Year to you too, Carolina!