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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Five days with the girls / A vignette in five parts

My sister Anne was invited to Mexico by a group of her friends. How could she say no? I agreed to come with FLD Dutch and stay with Elaina, Sofia and Natalie while she got a much-needed vacation.

Oh, and Rosie, too.

We had a mah-vel-ous time, with lots of new experiences for Dutch. I can only hope that he did NOT teach Rosie how to open her crate...

a black lab is lying in a large crate. She is looking back at the camera and you can see the whites in her eyes. A young golden retriever is lying next to her with his head resting on her back. He has sleepy eyes.
Rosie looks up at me from her crate as if to say, "Really? I have to share it with him?"


I like to catch two puppies with one treat. The first thing I did when I arrived in the city was to stop by the Leader Dogs vet clinic so Dutch could get his last set of puppy shots. Upon examination Dr. Wilson noticed some shards left from the molar my local vet extracted a week or so before; a molar on the opposite side looked suspicious.

FLD Dutch got an unexpected overnight in Puppy Land.

Dr. Wilson took his leash and Dutch bounced away without a glance back. The next day she removed the shards and a few other baby teeth that were about ready to fall out. The other molar was fine. I picked him up that afternoon.

The same shot of the black lab lying in a large crate, but now the golden retriever puppy is sitting up at one end, long pink tongue hanging out with an expression in his eyes that he is ready to get out!
A happy Dutch is ready for anything. Rosie--not so much.

Parts 2-5 of this city adventure to come. Stay tuned to learn why I was worried about Dutch showing Rosie how to escape her crate...

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