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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Yay! Received the following email from Leader Dogs for the Blind today. Sounds like Scout is doing us proud.

The dog you raised D#13647  Scout has been in training for over 13 weeks and has completed the third of four phases of training.  The instructor working with Scout has made the following comments:
Scout is doing well at:
1. settling
2. great social behaviors
3. great personality
Scout is working on:
1. being consistent in her work
This update lets you know how Scout is doing at this point in training.  Thank you for raising Scout for our program!  Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Puppy Development.  You will receive another update once this special dog completes training and is placed with a client.  The journey is almost complete!
Puppy Development
Leader Dogs for the Blind

Let's all keep our paws crossed for this special puppy! (And hope she gains consistency.)

A black lab/golden mix year old dog with a blue "This puppy being raised for Leader Dogs for the Blind" jacket on, with a long shadow of a person and the dog stretching out to the top of the photo.
FLD Scout and I cast a shadow a few days before her return to Leader Dogs for the Blind. Dogspeed Scout!

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