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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Before we left our Christmas celebration, my niece Natalie wanted a picture holding FLD Dutch.

A brown haired girl dressed in blue sits on the floor with a golden retriever puppy in her lap. He is stretching his head back to give her a lick. My husband Andy's legs are behind the girl on the left, and my other niece, Sofia's legs are on the couch.
Dutch reaches back to give Natalie a smooch.

He was more of a fuzzy handful than my previous Future Leader Dog puppies at that age. (See my post October 11, 2010 when Nat held a growing Gus.)

The next day when we packed up the van to head home to northeastern Michigan, Dutch wanted to make sure that we didn't forget him...

A golden retriever puppy pokes his face out from within a deep blue dog bed. The bed he is in sits on top of another green striped bed. You can just see his eyes and nose.
Dutch plants himself in the pile of dog beds that are going home with us.

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