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Sunday, January 20, 2013

With the girls / PART TWO


A night of no homework. Surprisingly the girls couldn't think of anything they wanted to do. Let's take Dutch over to the mall and walk around, I suggested. This would be his first trip to a mall. Shiny floors, stairs, and a second-story walkway with glass half-walls overlooking the first floor. Great exposure for the little guy.

FLD Dutch did a great job walking on a loose leash through the main part of the mall, including a short stop at a puppy-mill pet store. The designer puppies yipping behind their glass cages caught his fancy, but Dutch sat and stayed without singing. Good boy!

We were just about to the far end of the north wing when a tall young security guard chased us down. "You'll have to take that dog out of here!" he commanded. It didn't matter to him that I've had each of my last four puppies in this particular mall (with security's permission) and that my first Leader Dog puppy counselor still holds outings every other month or so here. He had all kinds of reasons why Dutch had to leave.

"Well, we're under new management now."

"He might make a mess."

"We just can't have dogs in here."

His collar was roasting!

I sighed. Okay, we'll take him out, I said. But we parked in the south lot, so we'll leave that way. I pointed back the way we had come.

"Just get him out of here," he said.

The girls were indignant. Come on, I said. We get to walk all the way back through the mall to get out.

In spite of the over-enthusiastic security guard, it was a productive outing for FLD Dutch!


  1. Aah gotta love Security Guards! I feel they just have nothing better to do with their time than harras the people trying to do good!

    1. Yes, one wonders! Guess if you have "authority" you have to use it (instead of considering alternatives).

  2. Security at some of the malls IS amazing! Lack of communication is a problem. I call to alert them that we will be coming to the mall and we're still stopped! I tried!

    1. Yes, I had called at this mall in the past and received permission. Go figure. At least I got the work done with Dutch that I wanted to!