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Thursday, January 24, 2013

With the girls / PART FIVE


A cacophony of drum beats and notes from French horns, trombones and guitars strain under closed doors at Andersen Music. FLD Dutch and I are here with Elaina and Sofia for their back-to-back French horn lessons. We squeeze down the long, narrow hall lined with folding chairs against the wall opposite the closed white doors of the lesson rooms. Dutch takes it all in stride; this isn't the first time he's cocked his head at the dissonance.

Still, it takes him the entire 30 minutes of Elaina's lesson to settle.

Dutch, settle, I say. He ducks his head and drops into a "down." He looks up expectantly. I hand him a piece of kibble.

FLD Dutch looks up for his treat.

He pops up, nose sniffing out a tuft of carpet pulled up at the baseboard.

Leave it. His head rockets around for his reward. Dutch, sit. Hit butt drops to the floor. Good boy, I say and he inhales another bit of food. Down. Now you settle.

He lies down. For a moment. I tuck him back into a down and stick the rough end of a Nylabone into his mouth. He grabs it with his front paws and chews like his life depended on it. For at least 15 seconds. He makes a lunge for the door at the end of the hall, but I have a good grip on his leash. He proceeds to sing, not at all in harmony with the melodies banging through the doors.

I take him outside to "park." When we return to where Sofia is staying busy playing "Angry Birds" on my iTouch, the door opens and Elaina's teacher goes ga-ga over Dutch, ramping him up all over again. Sigh.

Sofia takes her turn behind the white door. I ask Elaina to step on Dutch's leash while I take a picture. 

FLD Dutch and Elaina appear to have a stand-off.

I get one shot off and Mr. Smarty-pants gets up. He butts his head against the door and it swings open. He tries to dart inside, but Elaina's youthful reflexes save the day.

FLD Dutch busts open the door to Sofia's lesson. Good catch, Elaina!


Dutch settles.

I have to wake him up when it's time to leave.


  1. Just been catching up on your blog. Sounds like you have lots of fun ahead during the next year.

    1. Jenny, thanks for stopping by! Raising puppies for Leader Dogs for the Blind is always an adventure...and like you say, lots of fun. :)