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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

With the girls / PART FOUR

MOVIE NIGHT - part two

Dry, and safely back home with our snacks, Sofia dibs on the yellow chair that swallows her up like a girl-eating clam. Natalie claims the couch. Elaina steals the pillows from the couch and makes a cushy lounge on the floor with a comforter and blankets. I get the brown swivel chair in the corner.

As the movie loads, bags are ripped open and munching ensues.

FOOD! Dutch bounds in from the kitchen where he was Lab-wrestling with Rosie. He pounces for the baked chip bag, landing square on top of Elaina. UGH! His miscalculation allows her time to swing the bag up out of reach. He leaps.

Dutch! He is momentarily distracted. Then he spots Natalie's bag of Sun Chips. He coils and pounces like a wolf hunting mice under the snow. Nat barely gets the bag away.

Rosie's crate in the kitchen is our only hope.

Dutch attacks the kibble that I toss into the crate and I quickly latch the door behind him. Ahhhh, now we can enjoy the movie. The girls have seen "Perfect Pitch" several times before, but they want me to see it too.

I avert my eyes at the opening barf scene (why do all movies have a barf scene?!) and catch a glimpse of golden streak.

"Dutch!" Elaina yells as he makes the leap across her this time and lands on the bag of chips.

I leap up in turn and rescue her from the ravenous beast. Back in the crate with you! (I toss a few bits of kibble in behind him.)

Okay. Now we are safe to snarf...almost. Before I sink back into my chair, I hear Dutch scratch at the wire crate door. Two seconds later, he's a fuzzy fury on top of Elaina again.

Not only can this puppy read (see my post MOVIE NIGHT / part one), he's Houdini! This time I secure the crate latch with his collar.

The little guy is NOT pleased. Dutch's repertoire of whines, barks, yips, woofs, howls, growls, snarls and moans, whistles (I swear he sounds like a baby bird), sighs, yaps, yowls, bays and yelps is more entertaining than the movie. He goes on like this for more than a few minutes.

Suddenly, the volume on the TV is TOO LOUD.

I check on Dutch. He is stretched out in the crate, sound asleep.

(As I mentioned in my first post about my time with the girls, I hope that Dutch doesn't teach Rosie to unlatch her crate! I'm not sure I'd put anything past the smart little fella.)
What are you up to, Dutch?

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