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Friday, December 28, 2012

Close encounter of the feline-kind

Gus lets out a long, deep WOOF! He bounds down the stairs with Dutch hot on his heels. At the doorway Gus puffs up and stops dead at the edge of the carpet. Just beyond, Peanut is dozing on the treadmill.

Dutch careens around Gus. His feathery paws hit the tile floor as he spots the old cat. He backpedals, but slides beyond the protection of his 65-pound buddy. What is that?!

A brown, black, and white mottle cat sits on a treadmill and faces off a large black Lab and a 3 month old Golden Retriever ball of fluff.
Dutch skids past Gus when he sees Peanut-the-cat.

Gus bounces forward with another bark. Peanut hisses and lashes out like Muhammad Ali, her declawed paws popping Gus's muzzle from every direction.

He retreats.

Dutch can't contain his curiosity. He ducks his head and inches closer. Peanut meows a warning. Dutch calmly stares her down.

The cat is on the treadmill facing the camera, in a crouched position looking at the puppy. The golden fluffy puppy with a blue collar stands his ground and looks back at her.
Peanut-the-cat and Dutch have a stare-down.

Before long, Peanut curls up in her cat-bed at the front end of the treadmill; Dutch ventures onto the rubbery surface to investigate.

The cat is curled up in a light brown bed at the far end of the treadmill. The golden puppy is facing the camera at the other end, looking down and to his right.
Peanut-the-cat keeps a keen watch from the safety of her bed. Meanwhile, Dutch sniffs out the scene.

Cat and puppy truce.

Peanut-the-cat lives with Andy's daughter Jen and her husband Jeff. We visited them over the holidays.

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