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Friday, September 17, 2010

New Puppy Checklist

Tomorrow is the big we're getting things ready to bring home our 3rd Future Leader Dog puppy from Leader Dogs for the Blind.  Here's my checklist:

1.  Adjustable pen (Set up in a corner of the kitchen.)

2.  Small crate (I start with a small one, then move into a larger crate later.)

3.  Food and water dishes (Stainless steel with no-tip design.)

4.  Small buckle collar

5.  Nylabone and Kong chew toys

6.  Cushy bed (Picked up a cheap one from CVS, but Gypsy seems to think it's hers, so had to get a 2nd one.  FLD Mike tore up our old ones!)

7.  Purina ProPlan Puppy Chow

8.  Nature's Miracle (Natural enzyme cleaner.)

9.  A good night's sleep. 
         HA!  (Been working on that this week.)

Well, I think that's it for supplies.  

First thing on the agenda:  introduce the new puppy to Gypsy.  Second thing on the agenda:  POTTY-TRAINING!  (Check out STEP ONE and STEP TWO of my "Training Tips" to see what I'll be doing.)

I am also considering revamping the look of this blog--same location, just a new design.  Any suggestions?  Please leave your comments here or email me!

And stay posted for news on our little one!


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