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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Gray Squirrel and the Giant Weird-Blue-Nut

Fld Gus doesn't notice the squirrel which is dangling upside down by his back feet from our grill just outside the glass door, his gray neck straininng toward the hydrangea bush at the far side of the patio.

The giant weird-blue-nut.
In one fluid motion a few moments before, the creature leapt from the redwood fence into the hanging wire basket, hooked the giant weird-blue-nut in his teeth, and sprang onto the grill shelf, leaving the basket gyrating wildly behind.

FLD Gus catches a glimpse.

The nut was too cumbersome for the squirrel to juggle; what FLD Gus does catch a glimpse of is the giant weird-blue-nut as it bounces across the flag stones.

Andy must have found FLD Mike's long-lost Kong toy when he weeded the garden the other day and dropped it into the basket for safekeeping.

FLD Gus loses interest.  He gets distracted by Gypsy yowling at me from the living room to play.  Meanwhile, the squirrel drops off the grill, scampers over to the giant weird-blue-nut, and wrestles it to the base of the dogwood tree for burying.

The Kong, just before burying.
Wait! I cry, I want that Kong back!

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