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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FLD Gus Heads to the North Country

Andy says, "It was brilliant to put his bed there."  We are on our way north to the cabin, FLD Gus's first foray into the Huron National Forest.

I peek down at my feet.  Gus has finally settled.  He is snoozing on his back in his $5.99 CVS pet bed, his precious Buddha-belly exposed to the world.  Looks like we have another traveler, I answer.  Rosie and Mike, our first two Future Leader Dogs, behaved wonderfully in the van.  And Gypsy still does, of course!

Leader Dogs for the Blind asks us to train our Future Leader Dog puppies to sit on the passenger side floor of our vhicles.  An eight-week-old puppy can be a handful, redirecting his ever-inquisitive attention away from under-the-seat wiring, clamps, and who-knows-what-else under the dash (have you ever looked under there?).  Here Gus, chew this, I said a gazillion times before we merged onto I-75 North, sticking a puppy Nylabone into his land-shark mouth while hoping to keep my fingers clear.

Every blood-clot-prevention rest-stop for Andy is an opportunity to "park" Gus and tire him out by running around after Gypsy.  By the time we survive the Zilwaukee Bridge crossing (learn more about the infamous 1982 mishap at this Michigan Highways website), FLD Gus is crapped out.

Time for me to relax and enjoy the drive.

FLD Gus, asleep at my feet in the van.


  1. Thanks! And smart, too. After a short walk in the woods yesterday, and some play time outside at the cabin, Gus went to bed at 10:00pm, got me up at 5:45am to "park," and went back to sleep until almost 7! Yippee!