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Monday, September 20, 2010

Introducing: FLD GUS!

Accompanied by my husband Andy, my sister Anne, and her three girls (Elaina, Sofia, and Natalie), we picked up our 3rd Future Leader Dog puppy Saturday, September 18, 2010.  

Andy named him "Gus."

I've had horrific luck with cameras lately!  My DSLR got dropped when we returned FLD Mike and is now at the repair shop (I feel naked!).  The videos Sofia took of picking up FLD Gus are lost forever.  I set my "Flip" on the ground at the Cider Mill yesterday when Gus got into the bag of apples, and forgot to pick it up.  Andy graciously drove back when I discovered it missing some miles away, but we couldn't find it and thus far, no one has turned it in.  (Cider mills are notoriously busy this time of year in Michigan!)

Anyway, please welcome FLD Gus to this blog.  I'll let the pictures we took with our "backup" pocket digital tell the story...

My videographer, Sofia (with Natalie), captures the moment.

Andy getting FLD Gus kisses!

Me posing with FLD Gus at the statue in front of the Leader Dog kennel.

Me, FLD Gus, and Anne & Co.

FLD Gus meeting cc'd Rosie.

Natalie and "buddha-belly" FLD Gus.

Elaina instructs FLD Gus to look at the camera!

Sofia makes a "Welcome Cookie"--for us to eat, NOT FLD Gus!

Gypsy thinks, "Not again!"
"If I don't look at him, he isn't here."

"No teeth on the nose, Gus!"


A very tired FLD Gus after a very important day.

And here I go again!