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Monday, September 13, 2010

Last Day with FLD Mike

FLD Mike on "mat."

FLD Mike, it is your last day with us.  

You are ready to go on with your formal training at Leader Dogs for the Blind to prepare you to live an exceptional life like the exceptional dog that you are.

Thanks for all the fun!

Smelling the flowers.

Yes, Mike, I promise to smell the flowers, too.

FLD Mike wants a last snuggle.

FLD Mike, at rest.

He has left footprints on my heart.


  1. {{{{{{{{patti}}}}}}}}

    We'll miss you, Mike, but we know you're leaving for a good cause, and hopefully one day soon you'll be doing good work. xoxoxo N, S, E, & A.

  2. Thank you all. And know that each of you played an important role in helping FLD Mike succeed. I couldn't do this without you!

  3. *hugs* Best of luck to Mike in training!
    Also, of course, looking forward to following your adventures with the next FLD. :-)

  4. Thanks, L2, all went well. Mike never looked back and bounced all the way to the kennel. New puppy coming Saturday!