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Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Picnic

The work I did with FLD Mike to approach my sister's house in a loose-leash heel is paying off.

cc'd Rosie
Monday, we went to Andy's daughter's house for a Labor Day picnic.  She and her husband have two German Shorthair Pointers, with whom FLD Mike loves to play.  Theirs is a dog friendly home--Anne and the girls brought cc'd Rosie, and another guest brought their three-year-old chocolate lab mix.  (We left Gypsy at home so as to avoid a noisy afternoon.)

As we pulled up, FLD Mike sat at attention; he knew where he was.

Mike.  Wait.  I commanded.  

 I'll see everyone in about a half hour, I joked with Andy when FLD Mike wiggled out of the van at the sight of Rosie.  I instantaneously stepped backwards, then heeled Mike past the house, pausing now and then with a "SIT" or "DOWN" command, anything to draw Mike's focus away from the other dogs.  

FLD Mike moaned and muttered under his breath.  But he sat and laid down when told, and turned tight at my side.  The process of getting to the party didn't take as long as I thought it would.  Mike quivered, but stayed in control all the way back to the house.  

Mike.  Right.  We turned up the drive and FLD Mike surprised me by continuing to keep a loose leash.  He then sat and waited while I opened the gate, unclipped his leash, and said, OK.

I did not have to tell him twice.  YIPPPEEE!!!

Odo, not a working dog!

But the bees were busy.

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