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Monday, September 27, 2010

FLD Gus Meets Gypsy

FLD Gus spots Gypsy curled up in her cushy bed in the living room corner.

He is interested.  One of Gypsy's ears crooks, but her nose stays buried.  Gus drops his nose to the floor, eyes intent on the bigger dog.

He lifts his right rear leg high, ever so cautiously, as if he is stalking through knee-deep water and he doesn't want to make a splash.  His leg pauses near his belly as Gypsy stirs.  She quiets.  Gus places his rear paw lightly down a few inches forward, shifts his weight, and raises his front left paw to his chest in one fluid slow-motion move, nose still brushing the rug, eyes never straying away.

No movement from the queen in the corner.

Gus continues his cautious approach; now his left rear paw lifts and inches forward, his weight shifts again, now his right front paw curls and extends; all in the same wary manner.

He reaches the edge of the rug.  Gypsy raises her head, both ears alert at airplane attention.

Gus fixes his right pad on the smooth hardwood floor beyond the rug as his right rear paw halts in midair.  He is a statue in point.

Gypsy yawns a condescending warning.

Without lifting his nose from the floor, without averting his eyes, Gus shifts his slow motion stalk into reverse.  He stretches his right paw backwards a few inches and sets it gently on the rug, shifts his weight, and bit-by-bit inches his way back to his starting point.

In acquiescence, FLD Gus lies down.

FLD Gus meets queen Gypsy.

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