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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Officer’s notes at the scene of the crime. 


At approximately 8:18 am on Monday, January 23, 2012, a male black Lab was caught in illegal possession of a hand-made afghan, with his accomplice, a young female Lab/Golden mix. The afghan is normally stored on the back of the homeowner’s couch, which is off-limits to the pups. 

Witness Statements

Witness #1, wife of witness #2, had been checking emails on her Mac in her first floor writing room when she heard a dubious silence coming from the living room. She said there were some soft thumping and mumbling noises, but not the typical bounding-paw-pads and snorting she normally hears in the morning. She went to check it out and upon entering the room she observed the two pups wrestling with the stolen afghan. Witness then went for her camera, which was in the kitchen; when she returned the pups were lying calmly nose-to-nose, the afghan wrapped around the male suspect, “Gus.” She took several pictures.

The witness said that while it is true that the suspect “Gus” has a history of minor stealing, no charges have ever been brought against him, and, in fact, she feels that he was not the perpetrator. “That little one is a trickster,” she said. The witness thinks that even though “Gus” was caught red-pawed with the afghan wrapped around him, she suspects that it was actually the accomplice, “Scout,” who dragged the item from the couch and instigated play. The witness did admit that “Gus” steals the occasional kitchen towel or shoe, but that “Scout” is more likely to leap on the couch (and make it look like “Gus” did it). “We’re working on that,” she explained, because “Scout” has been known to take pillows from the couch.

Witness #2, Andy, was working at his desk at the north end of the living room. He did not notice anything as he had his back to the scene of the crime. He agreed with witness #1 that “Scout” was most likely the perpetrator.

Witness #3, Gypsy, a brown dog of suspect origin, had nothing to say about the incident and stayed in the clear under witness #2’s desk.

Pictures taken by witness #1: 

Gus takes the "fall" for FLD Scout--caught with the afghan wrapped around him!

FLD Scout gives her "I'm innocent" look. Gypsy can just barely be seen peering out from under Andy's desk.

Puppy Police Theft Report

Town of:  Lupton                  Date:  2/1/12

Witness #1:  patti

Witness #2:  Andy

Witness #3: Gypsy

Suspect Descriptions: 

1)   1½ year-old male, black coarse fur, about 65 pounds, with suspicious “raccoon” eyes and a crooked, thick tail, wearing a red, white, and blue “flag” collar, with a 2011 tag.

2)   A bit over 6 months old female, about 42 pounds, silky black fur, with eyes that melt a stranger’s heart, wearing a red collar with a Leader Dog tag, number p-9412.


At approximately 8:18 on Monday, January 23, 2012, witness #1 heard quiet noises in her living room. Upon investigation, she found the two suspects engaged in play with her afghan. Witness #1 took pictures of the suspects. Witness #2 did not observe the theft and witness #3 declined comment. There was no damage to the afghan. Charges were not filed at this time. The officer did advise renewing the dog tags; the owners stated that they plan to do so after witness #3 gets her rabies shot this month.

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 It's the first of the month--don't forget to give your pups their heartworm medicine (if you give it monthly all year round).


  1. You are too funny! Seems like the dogs need an afghan of their own!

  2. Patti-

    As usual, you brought a smile to my face with your wonderful story! I really thought you were describing Sienna, ("raccoon eyes, coarse fur, stealing anything of yours that isn't nailed down, wrapping-up in an afghan, etc.). You do have a way with words, if I do say so myself!

    Bob H.

  3. LOL Way too funny. Glad the stolen item wasn't damaged in the heist. (Every time you talk about Gus stealing a shoe or the kitchen towel it reminds me of Glacier. Maybe Sigh likes to steal things too)? ;)

  4. Thanks Bob! Guess it's true what they say about the apple not falling too far from the tree. lol Give that beautiful mom a scratch for me, will you? (And I'm glad that you can still keep up with Gus's shenanigans...somehow he is the most fun to write about!)

  5. Jess, see above comment from Bob, who hosts Gus's mom, Sienna. Who knows, maybe Gus gets it from both sides of the family tree! Give that Glacier a scratch from us, too.

  6. I totally enjoyed that laugh! Witness #3 is a smart pup staying mum :-)

  7. Thanks, Dr Momi! Yes, she is a smart old girl. :)

  8. Love your stories and creativity. Keep it up and Thank you, Sue

  9. Hey Sue, thanks for reading! And I appreciate the feedback. :)

  10. Puppy police always makes me smile. Thanks :)

  11. Jen--always happy to enable smiles!