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Friday, February 24, 2012

Les Cheneaux Snowsfest--Fun in the UP

SNOWSFEST - A celebration of winter, UP-style. Here is a picture diary of our first UP (Upper Peninsula) Leader Dogs for the Blind puppy outing of 2012.  Eight Future Leader Dog puppies and their raisers have fun in Hessel, on the northern shores of Lake Huron.

FLD Scout looks over the festivities.
FLD Ruckus looks up at raiser Tammy as if to say, "Do we really have to hang out with these young pups?"  FLD Autumn checks out FLD Yooper while FLD Atlas looks on.
FLD Hope flirts with Scout.
FLD Scout sees her first snowmobile...a young boy practices on the race track out on the ice.
We find a giant "snow dog" sculpted on the ice and I try to get FLD Scout to pose...
...she rather liked the view from the top, instead.
"Aw, jeez...not ANOTHER picture!"
FLD Jet meets his half-brother, FLD Yooper. (They share the same mother, Leader Dog Mom, Amber.)
Jet's raiser, Suzanne, and Yooper's raiser, Gary, try to get the brothers to pose for a picture.
Suzanne gets their attention--with a treat?
Awwww, good puppies!
FLD Yooper poses nicely on a hay bale in the Leader Dogs for the Blind warming tent.
FLD Autumn says she can sit pretty on the hay bale too! ("Why do people think I'm part Shar-Pei?")
These "licky-labs"--here Yooper plants one on Gary's nose while Phyllis looks on...
...and Scout gets a few slurps in with a visitor.
This family loves the puppies. Here FLD Jet tries to sneak a lick on a cold little boy.
The outing provides excellent distractions: kids playing games, snowmobile races, and a chili-cook-off. Here FLD Scout looks on while participants show off their pets' tricks in the "dog show."
FLD Scout thinks FLD Autumn looks great in her "big dog" working jacket.


  1. Replies
    1. It wasn't very cold, until the wind picked up late in the afternoon...

  2. I love all the pics! Looks like a fun outing!

    1. Thanks, Erin! It is always fun to go to the UP.