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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Different Day--For Firsts!

A dinnertime pile-up of 65 vehicles on northbound I-75 near Bay City last night created a 20-mile-long parking lot for several hours. Poor visibility due to snow squalls and icy conditions from falling temperatures were to blame. Well, more likely, failure on some drivers' parts to slow down for the changing conditions.

I'm glad that Phyllis and I traveled down to Bay City on Wednesday instead of Friday and avoided the disaster. It seems as though when the two of us plan a puppy outing, the sun is always shining! We were off to give our Future Leader Dog puppies their first mall experience.

FLDs Scout and Autumn strolled the shiny floored Bay City Mall like pros, despite the best efforts of some strangers to distract them. As we passed garish posters advertising the shows at the Goodrich Bay City 8 Theater located inside the mall, Phyllis said, "We should go to a movie!"

Scout hasn't been to a movie yet, I replied. Neither had Autumn. Another first.

Our impromptu timing couldn't have been more perfect.  We walked from one end of the mall to the other, with short excursions through Sears and Target, and we still had time to grab a sandwich in the food court before show time. FLD Autumn was ready to take a break, that's alot of walking for a four-month-old!

As Phyllis and I stood in line at Subway with our pups, a young man and his toddler daughter came by, bouncing a small basketball. Both Scout and Autumn craned their necks to look. Both Scout and Autumn held their "sits."

Suddenly, the little girl tumbled backwards. I heard her head hit the tile floor. FLD Autumn bounded out of Phyllis's grip, leash dragging behind her, and trotted over to the now-red-faced-about-to-break-into-screams tot. Autumn's concerned licks dried tears away before they could erupt and the little girl struggled to her feet to return the loving.

In the theater, FLD Scout was happy to lick herself a clean spot for a nap on the floor (okay, just kidding, the floor was actually pretty clean, it was a matinee after all). We enjoyed the entertaining "One for the Money," based on the Stephanie Plum crime novel by Janet Evanovich. (Yes, I'd recommend it.) About three-quarters of the way through the flick, FLD Autumn whined in a polite whisper that she wanted to "park," but she managed to hold on until the credits rolled. Luckily, the exit doors weren't very far away!

Good puppies!

The trip to Bay City was safe and fun for all. Good conversation for Phyllis and me during the dry-roads hour and a half drive each way, and the puppies had some play (and nap) time in the back seat.

Crazy puppy play time on the drive down.

Not long after, FLD Autumn thinks this is a comfy position for a nap!

FLD Scout, however, took the "back end on the bench, head on the floor-board" approach. (How can that be comfortable??)

Dere's mischief in dems eyes!

Oh yea, puppy-play-buddies.

After a busy afternoon at the mall, playing in the prone position is in order.

Like a light switch, puppies are "off."


  1. Scout must have been really tired to sleep like that with her head on the floor board!

    1. Puppies get themselves in all sorts of weird positions!

  2. You caught some cute pics of the pups. The one of Scout sleeping with butt on the seat and head on the floor .... too funny. The last time I went to a movie with a pup there was popcorn EVERYWHERE. I haven't been back since, but I'll have to when I get my new puppy (whenever that will be )

    1. Dr Momi, try a matinee, there's much less popcorn debris! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. God bless you and your work with these valuable pups!!! :)

    1. Thanks TexWisGirl! And thanks for stopping by our our blog.