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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guide Dog Puppy Sponsorship Auction

Fellow blogger, Laura (she writes the blog "Dog's Eye View"), is hosting a Guide Dog Puppy Sponsorship Auction to raise money for Guide Dogs of America. Laura's second guide dog, Jack, is from Guide Dogs of America, and this auction is her way to give back to that organization. 

Laura's first guide dog was Leader Dog Willow, a yellow lab from Leader Dogs for the Blind. At that time Laura supported Leader Dogs in several ways, including her photo of LD Willow on Leader Dogs' 2007-08 holiday card.

At any rate, please take a moment to check out the items up for bid at Laura's auction by clicking HERE.

You might also want to check out my own contribution to the auction--my first "chapbook" of poems and photos inspired by raising Future Leader Dogs. Here is the link to my "puppy poetry and photos" book: puppy poetry and photos.

I will also donate $5 to Leader Dogs for the Blind in the name of the winner.

So put a bid in!

The auction runs from February 25 through Sunday, March 4 at 10:00 pm.

Here is the front of my chapbook. Cover is glossy photo paper.

The back cover.

An inside peek. There are 36 pages of photos and poems, some of which have never been published on my blog.


  1. Thank you for sharing about our auction!

  2. My pleasure! I hope it is very successful!

  3. Beautiful book, Patti! Mary and I were gifted this book by LDPR Crystal and we absolutely love it!!! We recommend this to anyone who loves dogs!!! You are a VERY gifted writer!

    1. Thanks so much, Bob! I think you are my biggest fan.

  4. Yes, Mary and I think the world of you and what you do. Very few could articulate their actions in the way that you do, and we think the world of you!!! Keep it going!

    1. And you and Mary, too--hosting Leader Dog Mom Sienna! As far as keeping things going here on my blog, I am trying! My free-lance writing gig with the Ogemaw County Voice keeps my writing workouts on the go. :)