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Monday, January 3, 2011


Officer’s notes at the scene of the crime.
Just before dinnertime on Monday, January 3, 2011, at the residence of Larry and Donna, witnesses observed the suspect carrying a small hat.  The witnesses thought that the suspect appeared unconcerned and looked like he was about to say, “Look what I found!”  He had just come around from behind the loveseat.

Witness Statements
Witness #1, Larry, owner of said residence, reported that the hat belonged to one of a pair of stuffed bears that were positioned under an end table at the far end of the loveseat.  Larry stated that he heard no scuffle.  He was seated across the room at the time of the incident, but had a good vantage point to view the suspect as he came out from behind the loveseat.
Witness #2, Donna, Larry’s wife, was sitting on the loveseat at the time of the incident.  She also reported hearing nothing, but stated that the second bear had previously lost its hat and wondered if the suspect had also stolen that hat.  At this point, Larry broke in to say that the other hat had probably been taken by Lola, a young scrapper of a dog that belongs to his daughter, who does not live with them.  Donna concurred.
Witness #3, Andy, friend of Larry and Donna, agreed that the suspect probably did not take the other hat.  Andy was also sitting on the loveseat at the time of the incident, and did not hear anything unusual.
Witness #4, patti, wife of Andy and raiser of the suspect, had been keeping an eye on the suspect.  He was out of her view for only a few moments.  She approached the suspect as soon as she saw him with the hat.  The suspect did not resist and she took the hat away from him and returned it to the bear.  “I did not look him in the eyes,” she stated to me.  Patti also reported that the suspect has been known to bring shoes to her attention in the past, but the suspect had only done this twice in the last two weeks.

Puppy Police Theft Report
City of:  Sterling Heights                  Date:  1/3/11
Victim:  stuffed bear
Witness #1:  Larry
Witness #2:  Donna
Witness #3:  Andy
Witness #4:  patti
Suspect Description:  5 months old, less than 3 feet tall, about 35 pounds, black fur, brown eye color, jumps around on all fours and has a fiercely wagging tail.  Suspect’s breath reeked of teething.

Around 6:00 pm on Monday, January 3, 2011, witness #1 spotted the suspect carrying a small hat in his mouth as he walked around a loveseat in his living room.  The other three witnesses saw him at about the same time.  No one heard anything unusual.  Witness #4 immediately retrieved the hat and returned it to the bear.  There were no damages done to the hat.  The suspect had nothing to say, but did not deny absconding with the hat.  The bear refused to bring charges.  The other bear's hat was not found.

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