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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday's Training TIP: WALK YOUR PUPPY!


Up early.  FLD Gus stands still only long enough for me to snap on his collar and tags as he exits his crate.  OK, I say to release him.

Black-Lab-freight-train leaves the station!

Da-thump-de-da-dump, la-thump-de-da-lump...  He heads for the back door and somehow Gypsy and I get outside with him, unscathed. 

Monster paws thunder like a herd of buffalo.  Get out of the way!  Good thing Andy was right about our square-foot-garden posing an obstacle; Gus leans into a turn between them (instead of through them), spewing wet sandy soil in a rooster-tail behind him.

Something must be done.  FLD Gus was a very patient puppy yesterday as I waited for our driveway contractors to show up.  He isn't going to be content to lay around today!


We head north down the big hill on Brady Road, veer right onto Shady Shores Drive and follow south along the cottages that ring Rifle Lake, turn left at the corner of Wiltse Road, and turn left again on Brady Road--a mile-long grade back UP to our house.  All-in-all, three miles.

Along the way I change pace, stop, and give SIT, DOWN, and STAND commands to FLD Gus to divert his attention from deer-track scent and assorted country sundries.

Halfway to Wiltse Road we meet another walker, Noreeta, who is vacationing for the week at her family cabin on Rifle Lake.  Just then I spot a bald eagle circling overhead, almost brushing the treetops.

"The other day we saw a small fawn curled up by a tree stump near the lake.  It lay there all day in the sun," Noreeta tells me.  "You should have seen all the cottagers taking its picture!"

FLD Gus isn't interested in chatting, but Noreeta and I share our walk for awhile on this beautiful morning.  We part ways at the corner where the Cedar Bar still hasn't reopened after their kitchen fire the night before New Year's Eve.


FLD Gus slurps from his water bowl like he barely survived a trek across the Sahara.  He flops down as I sit to write this and briefly looks up when I grab my camera.

Mission accomplished.

FLD Gus resting on soft, green carpet, too tired to even chew his Nylabone.

To tame a dashing, zealous morning Lab, try a long walk!


  1. Sigh. I'm jealous. I wish walking would calm my puppy. lol.