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Friday, June 24, 2011

Field Trip to the Detroit Science Center

FLD Gus sure got around during the two days we were downstate.  Monday we attended our puppy-group's outing at the Macomb Fire Station.  Tuesday we went with my sister Anne and her girls, Sofia and Natalie, to the Detroit Science Center.  FLD Gus highly recommends it.

FLD Gus heels through a bright orange tunnel, no problem.


The Science Center is a popular destination for families, kids' summer camps, and birthday bashes.  Couple these swarms of six-to-nine-year-olds in matching neon t-shirts with three floors of hands-on science ranging from manufacturing to music, electricity to physics, alternative energy to space exploration and you've got instant chaos.

FLD Gus checks back with me as we enter the "Kid's Factory."

Chaos-theory notwithstanding, toss in shiny floors, open staircases, a replica of the Mighty Mac Bridge, and a glass-walled elevator and you've also got a puppy-raiser's dream.  And this is just the museum proper--for an additional charge we could have exposed FLD Gus to grunting, swaying dinosaurs!

We chose, instead, to take a rest in the Planetarium for the "Guide to the Night Sky" presentation.  FLD Gus was surprised out of his nap by the wild ride through the universe during the last few minutes of the show.  No bark, but he popped up and took notice!


FLD Gus was complacent and non-reactive during our long afternoon visit at the Science Center.  He was curious at the air-compression handling of big, colorful balls in the factory exhibit, but did not chase after the orange one that escaped Natalie's grip and bounced noisily away.

FLD Gus supervises Natalie.

Bowing his head under the shadows of waves, FLD Gus posed calmly with Sofia and Natalie, even though he looked like he was sure the water would splash down on him.

Sofia and FLD Gus.
Natalie and FLD Gus.

In the "Life" section of the museum, Natalie sat down between a pair of couch potatoes; when one of them said "Hi!  Yes, I'm talking to you!"  FLD Gus turned his head to sniff, but did not bark.  He soon lost interest in the plastic display.

Nat and FLD Gus checking out a couch potato.

It was difficult to tell who was more tired during the fight through rush-hour traffic back to Anne's: me or FLD Gus.

Turns out I was definitely more tired--FLD Gus quickly engaged cc'd Rosie in a Lab-wrestle as soon as we arrived!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! One of Romero's favourite outings was to the Ontario Science Centre.

  2. Again, so cool seeing what these guys can be exposed to. You never know what they might encounter when they are all "growed" up. :) Jetta went to Greece and sat in ancient Greek ruins and many other crazy things. Glacier isn't quite as well traveled yet, but he's definitely had his share of strange experiences. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are welcome, Jess. I think that these experiences help the pups learn to be calm no matter what they encounter!

  4. I had a great time at the science center with you and FLD Gus. Thanks for spending the day with us!

    Love, Natalie

  5. Awww--I had fun too! I have fun whenever I spend time with you (and your sisters and mom!).

    Love you back!

  6. What a fun day! It sounds like you and FLD Gus had a magnificent time.

  7. Kathy--we did! And my nieces, too. Thanks for visiting. :) I hope your UP haven is as beautiful a day as our northeastern MI homestead is today. Calm, sunny, not too hot. A nice morning to sit on the back porch and enjoy a cup of coffee. The dogs seemed to enjoy it too, rolling around on their backs on the grass. Nice.