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Monday, June 6, 2011

Guess What Came in the Mail Today!

Eric and LD Mike

Leader Dogs for the Blind sent me a nice thank-you letter with this photograph of LD Mike and his handler, Eric.  LD Mike is now working with Eric in Spain.

Way to go, Mike!  And congratulations Eric!

(To read more about Eric and LD Mike, check out my post from April 20, 2011:  Meeting LD Mike's New Handler.)


  1. Weird how JUST today I was thinking about Mike and Eric, and wondered if you'd heard anything. Very nice pic! Oh, and next time, just email me, like normal people! :-)

  2. Ahah! I knew you were when I was! On puppy raisers meet handler day, I tried to look on your blog because I thought "Black lab Mike" was your guy and sure enough he is. It's too bad our paths did not cross. I was in for retraining with Glacier at that time. I think I walked past you at some point. LOL What a very small world. :)
    I am glad they are working out. :)

  3. Jess! Such a small world--wish I could have met and talked with you...thanks for reading my blog anyway!

    Lisa, Ellie and Hosta--thanks!

  4. That would have been so cool. You were sitting in the Piano lounge with Eric and I thought about stopping, but couldn't be sure it was you and also did not want to interrupt you either. Maybe in six years I'll get one of your puppies and we can meet then. ;)