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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Intercepted Letter

Hey there, Rosie-Dosie!  Gus here.  Dudette—just want you to know how much fun I had last week staying with you and your girls.  Gypsy’s ok, but between you and me, I think she’s getting old.  She acts like she doesn’t want to wrestle and chase with me, but I think she just can’t keep up anymore and doesn’t want to admit it.

I really miss our water-fights.  Patti and Andy take Gypsy and me down to that lake through the woods sometimes, but it isn’t the same.  Did you know that if you keep jumping pretty soon your paws don't touch?!  Anyway, all Gypsy wants to do is race after her stick.  Swim, swim, swim.  It’s like she has a one-track mind.  Personally, I have more fun ripping around your yard and jumping in and out of your little blue pool.  We make a mess of it, don’t we?

I was glad to have you next to me when Patti kenneled us up—it sure was cooler in the basement, wasn’t it?  Be sure to let those girls know you’re ok with staying down there if it gets hot; I won’t mind if you sleep in my crate that we left at your house.
cc'd Rosie, FLD Gus, and Nat

My favorite part was when we snuggled up on the front room floor with Natalie.  You are so lucky to have her as your girl (and Sofia and Elaina, too), but there’s no way I’d let Nat dress ME up like she does you!

It’s not so hot up here.  You would really like it here.  Patti takes us on a hike in the woods every day!  She makes me work when we go into town, but I don’t mind it so much.  I really like when she takes me to the restaurant.  Lots of good sniffing on the floors in there!

Well, thanks again for all the fun!  I think I heard Patti say something about coming down again next week.  I can’t wait to see you again!  Get ready, ‘cause this time I’m going to win!

Licks, licks, licks to you, Rosie!  I miss you!

your buddy, Gus

ps, give your girls a slobber from me, ok?

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