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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poetry: Puppy Walks

Yesterday's walk on country roads prompted me to revisit a poem I've been brewing.  I don't think it is finished, yet,  but here is "part 1."

puppy walks

1.  city walk

keyed-up morning puppy percolates testosterone

Who's there?          What's that?

block-head dodges the downshift scream
of a semi
          in the city
crows CAW raucous
just to be heard above the drone
of radials
on concrete
          in the city
rabbits snack on tended tulips
and grow COLOSSAL under
weathered redwood
          in the city
backyard hounds HOWL jealous
by chain-link fences, fur-raised
in complaint

3 miles later

the key turns abandonment
into calm coffee--
a 3rd bunny          bursts out ahead
draws notice,

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