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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Surprise Card for FLD Gus

I wonder if Leader Dogs for the Blind intentionally mailed me a 5x7 photograph of LD Mike and his new handler Eric a week before sending me FLD Gus's first birthday card?

Yep, Gus's first birthday card arrived today.

The front of FLD Gus's birthday card.

Now I must start making definite plans for when to take Gus back to Leader Dogs so he can begin his "formal" training.  (And I begin the long wait until he graduates, all the while dreading any "career-change" phone calls from Leader Dog.)

The turn-in procedure is a bit different now; puppy-raisers schedule an appointment time for return, or have a time assigned.  We are taken to a special, private room to say our good-byes, instead of embarrassing ourselves in the kennel-lobby.

The inside of FLD Gus's card, with return date.

To save myself a second trip to Leader Dogs, I hope to give Gus back and take a new puppy home the same day!

I'll keep you the meantime, I will enjoy FLD Gus for another couple of months, knowing that he will soon be one step closer to fulfilling his special purpose!
FLD Gus, his first week home with us.  He sure has come a long way!



  1. Thanks, Jess! Gus's birthday is actually August 8th, but we always get the card in plenty of time to plan the puppy's return to Leader Dogs.

  2. Ooops, I goofed! Gus's 1st birthday is August 3. (Sorry, mom Sienna!)

  3. Congrats! Charlie went back this week. We're taking 4-6 weeks off before we get the next one. Looks like you and I will finally have dogs of similar ages. I'm excited about this because your blog postings will match what my puppy will be going through/doing. Love reading your blog. I find it both helpful and informative. Keep up the good work. -Marty

  4. Thanks, Marty! I didn't realize Charlie went did it go? Got our paws crossed here for him. And thanks for your comment about reading my blog--really makes it all worth while knowing you (someone) is out there reading it!

  5. Charlie's return day went better than expected. I liked having a private space to say goodbye. Only Zach (my 8th grader) accompanied me on the trip. I was worried about his reaction because he and Charlie were very close. Zach did great. He impressed me when he said "Mom, just because something is hard to do, doesn't mean you don't do it." I walked Charlie into the LD lobby and Zach walked him to his kennel. Charlie was very relaxed about the whole thing. Nice closure for all.

    Currently brainstorming names for the next puppy. I may need to over-rule. I don't think we'll ever reach a consensus. -Marty

  6. Wow, Zach reminds me of my sister's girls--very wise young person! Way to go, mom! Am anxiously awaiting to hear about your next puppy--maybe we'll have siblings? As for names, Andy rules, that's the agreement we have!