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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poetry: Puppies in the Fire Station!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Puppies in the Fire Station!

Puppies in the fire station
puppies in the fire station
who rang the bell?

Puppy-counselor Nance leads her puppy-group.

Canvas-coated monster
looms breathing hard like Vader
char-blooy-ee smell!

FLD Lincoln sneaks a treat.

Golden puppy looks away
wants to play, wants to play

FLD Misha would rather play than meet the fireman.

Sirens wailing side to side
not one puppy bolts to hide
aren't the puppies swell?

Puppies and raisers unfazed by loud Engine #3.

Round and round the engine goes
dogs' heads follow with their nose
ring the bell, we won't tell!

FLD Gus and FLD Buster calmly watch the fire-truck race by.

Up and down the stairy-scares
wrinkles whiskers on their hairs
open-grated stairwell.

FLD Gus descends the scary, open-metal stairs.

 Puppies in the fire station
puppies in the fire station
who rang the bell?

Did you?


  1. SO cute! Looks like everyone did a great job - what a neat experience!

  2. Yes! We can only hope our puppies never have to meet a fireman in a dark and burning house, but in case they do, at least it won't be a surprise!

  3. I love seeing your "puppy outings." It's neat to see what our dogs may have been exposed to. Good pups. :)

  4. Hey Jess! I'm glad you like posts about our puppy-outings. We do try to expose our puppies to as many different things as we can, just in case. And they all seem to take everything in stride.