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Sunday, April 3, 2011


"plays with puppies" has been on-line for a year!  I began it with the career-changed of my first Future Leader Dog puppy, Rosie, while I was in the middle of raising FLD Mike (who is currently in training at Leader Dogs for the Blind).  Now my blog follows FLD Gus, my third black Lab puppy!

One interesting result of blogging has been "meeting" other bloggers.  There is another whole community in cyber-land!

Two bloggers I like to "follow" are L^2, author of "Dog's Eye View," and Erin, author of "Raising Rob."  I will tell you a little bit more about each one, but you should check their blogs out for yourself.  (Just click on the names of their blogs.)

In the meantime, I'm passing along requests by each of them.

L^2 is embarking on an ambitious project to raise $5000 to sponsor a puppy for Guide Dogs of America.  Here is a link to her puppy-sponsorship page: You can make a donation, or purchase an item through her website:  Cafepress Photography shop (profits will go to her puppy-sponsorship).

Erin is looking for dog owners, who have raised their dog from a young puppy, to fill out a brief survey for a research project.  If you fit this profile, please take a moment to answer Erin's questions, it won't take long! (I filled one out for FLD Gus, FLD Mike, and Gypsy!)  Here is the link to her survey:  Thanks!

With that taken care of, here is more about these remarkable women!


L^2 is a young woman of many talents.  She has two Physics degrees, loves astronomy, won awards for her photography, and crochets!  (In fact, she is a contributor on another blog, "Crocheting Blind.")

Yep, L^2 is vision-impaired.  She currently works with Guide Dog Jack, hence her project to raise money for Guide Dogs of America in Sylmar, California.  Jack is L^2's second dog guide.  Her first was LD Willow, from Leader Dogs for the Blind.  (Leader Dogs used L^2's picture of Willow for their 2007-08 holiday cards.  Check out her post from July 27, 2008.)  Willow even has her own page on L^2's blog:


Erin is a college student studying photography, who is also raising Rob, a black Lab, for Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind in Smithtown, New York.  This Foundation calls their puppy-raisers "puppy walkers," but Erin does much more than walk Rob. 

Rob is Erin's FIFTH puppy for Guide Dog Foundation!  Her first puppy was career-changed, one is a working guide dog, one was pulled to be a breeding mom (Rob is a pup from this mom), and one is currently in training.

There you have it.  Leader Dogs for the Blind is the second-oldest dog guide school in the United States (it started in 1939); they might be one of the largest (graduated over 14,000 Leader Dogs), and one of the best, (recognized as a "Best in America" Charity by the Independent Charities of America), but they are not the only dog guide school.

I am proud to be a volunteer with Leader Dogs for the Blind, and I also feel fortunate to have discovered the larger community of working dogs (volunteers, staff, and handlers) through blogging.



  1. They are two great blogs :)

  2. Happy Blogiversary!!! And thank YOU for what you do too. I continue to enjoy following your adventures with your FLD pups.

  3. *blushes* Awww thank you so much! I feel honored to be "featured" on your blog! :)

  4. Thanks, L^2, for the "blogiversary" wishes! I love it when we make up new words. Thanks for reading!

    Erin--you are an inspiration to your pictures, and hearing about your adventures.

    Actually, both of you are inspirations to me!