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Friday, April 29, 2011

Bed Maker Puppy?

If desire to "do something, anything to help" is a positive indicator of a potential Leader Dog, then FLD Gus ranks high on the list.

  • He watches.
  • He figures out what he can do that mimes whatever I am doing.
  • He tackles it, with gusto!


Oh, to wake up as happy as a Lab puppy!

Every morning, after Andy takes the dogs out to "park," Gus bounds into our room, anxious to roust me from bed.  After an enthusiastic face washing, I typically comply.

But a funny habit I have is to get out of bed and turn to make it right away.

Gus tails behind me as I maneuver around our queen-sized platform bed.  I tuck in the sheet, straighten the pillows, and pull our green down comforter neatly in place.

This morning, as I bent to snug the sheet between the mattress and the platform side, Gus lifted his front paw and pushed against the sheet as if he wanted me to know, "I can help!"



  1. Ooooo, can you teach Glacier that? Maybe I'll have to request one of your puppies the next time around...will you still be raising in about six years? :) :)

  2. Jess--I don't think it's anything I'm doing, I think it is just in Gus's nature. Oh, wait, LD Mike seemed to display that drive to help too--when I met Mike's new handler, Eric, Eric wanted to know if I taught Mike how to find things--but Mike figured that one out on his own!

    Maybe this ability to perceive that help is needed is an extra quality in dogs from the breeding program at Leader Dogs for the Blind? In any case, it certainly is remarkable.

    (And yes, I suspect that in six years I WILL still be raising...I think I am hooked!)