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Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome FLD Ellis!

Congratulations to fellow-puppy-raiser Margaret (who gallantly watched FLD Gus for me last month, see my post from March 11, 2011).  Margaret raised Claire, a yellow lab from the same litter as my last Leader Dog puppy.  Claire is now a working Leader Dog and will be featured in the next issue of Leader Dogs' Update magazine.

Margaret picked up her new puppy yesterday from Leader Dogs for the Blind.  Ellis is the only yellow lab out of a litter of six (the rest were black).  She weighed in at a fine 9.6 pounds!

The fun news is that Ellis's mom is Sienna---FLD Gus's mom.  So Gus and Ellis are half-siblings!

Welcome, Ellis!  We look forward to watching you in your journey to become a Leader Dog.  And thank you, Margaret, for once again taking on the job.

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