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Monday, April 11, 2011


Ten days before the girls came to visit, I cross-country skied through our woods and into the Rifle River Recreation Area.

Last Thursday, the girls and I hiked through wakening woods where snow was visibly melting, yet still-frozen lakes were not to be trusted.

Frozen Lodge Lake.

Come along...


At the base of this tree were so many large wood shavings, I wondered if Andy had been whittling here.  Not so.

These holes are the handiwork of the Pileated Woodpecker!

This woodpecker is almost as large as a crow.

Pileated Woodpecker at work.

Woodpeckers aren't the only industrious creatures in our forests...witness the work of a beaver!

A tree, cut down by a beaver.

We are not sure what caused this tree to grow so crooked.

An old crooked tree.


About a mile and a half jaunt from our back door is a three-story observation tower overlooking Grebe Lake.  The open wooden stairs are a training opportunity for FLD Gus, who was anxious to follow the girls up to the top.

Looking down through the tower staircase. (photo by Sofia)

FLD Gus, calm at the top.  (Gypsy, not so much.)

Gypsy wasn't too sure about the stairs, but when her annoying barking didn't bring us down to throw her stick, she finally decided to join us.

Gypsy, barking at us from below.

Here we rested, and relished the sunshine and spectacular view.

Tallest pine.
LOOK!  An eagle's nest in the tallest pine, just across the slush-frozen water. 

Take a closer look...

An eagle in its nest!


Natalie, caught throwing rocks onto the frozen lake from the top of the tower.

Sofia, looking for rocks.  "Come on up!"

Big-sister Elaina, keeping all of us in line.

On the sunny-side, the trail was free of snow and ice.

"Queen" Natalie, hoofing it in the sun.

But where hills obstructed, evidence of my birth-day-ski lingered.

My ski tracks are melting!!!

FLD Gus wasn't the only one dog-tired when we got home!

FLD Gus, one tired puppy.


  1. Also sooooooooooo cute! Love ya, Sofia

  2. Love you too! (And miss you!)