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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Letter to Sofia

Today's post is a letter to my niece, Sofia.  You might have read about her here.
Sofia, on the observation tower at Rifle River State Rec Area.

Hi Sofia!

Gus and I just got home from a hike down the new "Snow Shoe Trail" that I am clearing (with Gus's help, see my post from Monday) through the middle of our woods.  We are SOAKED!  This is our third day of rain!

We also walked into the park a little bit, but not on the ski trail.  Instead, we ambled along paths that looked like deer highways.  Gus got pretty excited when he saw some Trumpeter Swans take flight, but he was on his leash so he didn't run off after them!

On Easter, Gus and Gypsy and I took Uncle Andy to the observation tower in the park (like we did with your sisters on April 11).  It was sunny, and much warmer Sunday.  There was a swarm of annoying gnats at the top of the tower, so we didn't stay up there very long; there weren't any eagles in the nest anyway.  All the ice is off the water now, and no more snow in the woods.

No ice on Lodge Lake.

Thanks again for coming with me to meet Eric and see LD Mike before he goes off to Spain.  Wasn't that a special hour?  My face hurt from smiling so much.

I hope you don't have so much homework next week when Gus has class at Leader Dogs.  I missed you coming with us last time.

By the way, how is school going?  I know that getting to the end of May feels like our never-ending rain, but someday you'll look back and appreciate what you've learned about dealing with all kinds of people.  I'm proud of you for your accomplishments in school this year!

I heard that Rosie-dosie is becoming an expert thief.  I think putting her food container in the closet is a good idea.  Gypsy figured out that when we're not around she could knock the cup of Gus's food-treats off the windowsill in the kitchen!  I think she tried to pretend that Gus did it because I found Gus playing with the (empty) cup in the living room.  Yesterday Andy caught Gypsy standing with her paws on the window sill to sniff at the cup, so we know that SHE is the culprit.  Do you think maybe the "weight-control" food we feed her and Rosie makes them extra hungry?

Gotta go...Uncle Andy needs to go town and I'm going with him so I can work on "leave it" with FLD Gus at the Tractor Supply store.  Lots of interesting temptations for Gus--they sell baby chicks there!  Besides, I need to buy more birdseed for the feeders.

Brown Headed Cowbirds having a seed party.  (There was still snow just 6 days ago!)

I'm looking forward to seeing you and your sisters on Tuesday when we come back to the city.  Hopefully the rain will stop by then so Rosie and Gus can "Lab-wrestle" outside!

love and hugs, aunt patti

(Uncle Andy sends a hug, and Gypsy and Gus, too!)

Uncle Andy waves HI from the fishing dock on Grebe Lake.


  1. Hey aunt Patti! Thanks for the letterish,thing. School is going OK. Today, (4-28), I was playing with the mirror in the Harvey car with Kevin and my eyes were bloodshot! I think it was the Mrs. P, "the long term sub." Well gotta go! See ya soon!
    Love Sofia

  2. Hi Sofia! "the letterish, thing"--I love how you describe things! I hope you didn't mind me writing to you on my blog...maybe I should have asked you first, but I did want to surprise you. I'm sorry your eyes are bloodshot! Are you sure it's not because you stay up too late? (Just kidding!) love you back!

  3. <3 =) LOVE SOFIA