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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday's Training TIP: What To Do On a Rainy Day?

Rain.  Looks like an all-day-er.  Unless I want to manage the bathing (and drying) of two sandy wet dogs, I won't be walking in the woods with FLD Gus and Gypsy today.

But.   I need to tire out Gus, who is accompanying me to Central Michigan University this evening.  We are invited participants on a panel of bloggers for an event sponsored by the Social Media Club, Great Lakes Bay Chapter.  (Here is a link for more information:

Remember my oft-repeated adage:  A Tired Puppy is a Good Puppy?  I need FLD Gus to be on his best behavior during the hour and a half event.  So, what do do?


1)  Be glad your puppy got so much exercise yesterday (when it didn't rain) that his laid-back attitude has carried over to today!

FLD Gus settles at the restaurant.
2)  Drive to town for breakfast.  Work on "leave it" and "settle" exercises. 

3)  Continue work on "advanced leave it" at the grocery store before returning home.

4)  As you go about your daily "chores," practice "mat" and "down stays."

Add a few "name recognitions" too.  Gus! Good boy!

I'll keep you posted on FLD Gus's behavior tonight!


  1. Good tips - we're having a rainy day here too, though I'm hoping it will let up for a walk this evening.

    Good luck tonight!

  2. Thanks! Hope you had a good walk. FLD Gus was very well behaved for our event...more about that later. More rain today, but we did get out in the woods this morning before the deluge!