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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Only One Year Ago

It is our annual family camping trip and career-changed (cc'd) Rosie is back with us; this time she officially belongs to Sofia.  It was only a year ago that the two of them bonded.  A long journey since then for Rosie, "the wonder-dog."  We are all happy that she is now part of the family, even if she wasn't able to fulfill the calling to be a Leader Dog for the Blind.

This year our blended gathering takes place at Indian Lake State Park, just outside the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) town of Manistique.  Andy and I stayed here last August on our return from Green Bay, Wisconsin and fell in love with the beautiful water and clean park.  We had ridden our recumbent bicycles to Green Bay to visit Andy's grandsons--a self-contained tour of about 700 miles!  (but, that's another story...)

Three campsites hold Andy and I (with Gypsy and FLD Mike), my nieces Elaina, Sofia, and Natalie (with cc'd Rosie), and Andy's kids:  son Chris, his wife Rachelle, and their two boys, Keegan and Alec; daughter Jen and her husband Jeff (with their two German Shorthaired Pointers, Gauge and Odo); daughter Mandy and friends David and Sarah.  We're missing my sister Anne this year--she is busy with grad school--and Andy's son Josh, who is living in North Carolina.

FLD Mike adapts easily to his very first camping experience.  He hangs out on his tie-out in our combined campsites, serenely observing the hectic activities around him.  Indian Lake is a family-friendly campground and for some reason we appear to be "kid-central" for bike-riding, foursquare playoffs, ladder golf, Frisbee throwing, badminton, catch-playing, and s'mores-eating.

At times FLD Mike picks up his never-ending-wrestling match with cc'd Rosie, who is just within reach on her own tie-out.  Other times he takes it upon himself to hold onto Odo's leash.  It is a park rule that all dogs must be on a leash, but Gauge and Odo sometimes wander around our sites dragging their leashes, always in verbal control by Jen or Jeff.  We all share a hearty laugh when Odo resists!

Additional camping stories to come!  FLD Mike has more fun, and works a little, too...

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