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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Discovery Cruise

Map of the north end of Lake St. Clair - photo by Sofia!

The storm blew through about 3:00pm, knocking out electricity in areas not far from Lake St. Clair, the site of our Wednesday evening puppy-outing.  Puppy-counselor, Nance, had organized a Discovery Cruise for our group of Future Leader Dogs.

We eagerly awaited her call to confirm.

"Patti?  This is Nance.  It's a go."  The storm passed and the sky was clearing.

Great!  I rounded up FLD Mike from the backyard where he was wrestling with cc'd Rosie.  My husband Andy got our nieces in the van and off we drove to Metro Beach to meet our puppy group.

Did you know that the average depth of Lake St. Clair is only 10 feet?  We learned many historical facts as we traveled about 14 miles from the North Marina at Metro Beach to the South Channel and back.  

Do you know where the expression "mad as a hatter" comes from?  We got to feel a real beaver pelt and found out that mercury was once used to process the pelts during hat making.  The mercury gave off noxious fumes that affected the brains of the hatters.

Good thing our boat Captain wasn't wearing a beaver hat!  He brought us  very close to the two South Channel Lighthouses that were built before Abraham Lincoln was President.  Representatives from the "Save Our South Channel Lights" spoke to us about their restoration efforts.

All the FLDs were very well-behaved.

Some paid attention to the presenters, others took a nap.

I, for one, was happy to have taken Dramamine!  FLD Mike looked like he felt a little queazy until he was able to air his ears out on the bow. 

FLD Ranger scoffed at the life ring hanging nearby.  "Don't they know retrievers can swim?"

A beautiful sunset greeted our return.

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