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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Rosie Road, part 12 "FLD Rosie Meets the Girls"

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gypsy lets out a sharp "BARK!" and races to the back door with eight-week-old FLD Rosie fast on her heels.  The soccer girls are here!  Lavendar Lightning Sofia, Red Demon Natalie, and Blue Jay Elaina.  Their mom, arms filled with soccer paraphernaila and gym bags, struggles with the door.

Gypsy turns, bowls Rosie over, runs back into the living room to snatch the nearest toy, and returns in a butt-wiggling prance, vocalizing her joy with a Nylabone-muffle.  Rosie barely has a chance to right her "Budda-belly" self as my three nieces barge in. 

It's a bottleneck in the back hallway.

"Come on girls, let's get in!"  Says Anne, pushing the wave of giggling girls ahead of her.

Soccer balls, Gatorade bottles, and bags drop to the floor and the flood washes into the living room.

Girls, meet FLD Rosie; FLD Rosie, meet the girls!

Lavender Lightning Sofia
Red Demon Natalie

Blue Jay Elaina
The beginning of the bond.

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