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Monday, May 17, 2010

Photos: FLD Mike on vacation

We are less than 200 miles from home, relaxing in our hotel room after a long drive from North Carolina visiting Andy's son, Josh; we'll get home midday tomorrow.  FLD Mike did very well during this long trip.  Two days in the car to get there, two days to get back, and lots of fun and experience inbetween.

Here are some pictures of FLD Mike's adventure.  He's a happy pup!

This is Josh showing Andy and FLD Mike one of the big machines he operates and repairs in his job at the North Carolina National Guard maintenance facility in Butner.

I'm not sure FLD Mike is impressed.

When FLD Mike checked out a HUMV, Andy said, "Is that what it means to be a service dog?"

FLD Mike looked at us as if to say, "Does this mean I have to join the National Guard?"

FLD Mike attended Raleigh, NC's Artsplosure on Sunday.  As usual, he drew alot of attention!  FLD Mike enjoyed the ice cube one artist shared with him from his cooler.  Strolling through the crowds (and many dogs) for over three hours sure tired him out.

Here he is, nodding out in the van afterwards!

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