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Friday, July 16, 2010

Lost Power / A Working Dog, Even on Vacation

I am so sorry, but midway through working on my post for today (about FLD Mike "working" during our vacation), we lost power!  It was a brown-out for a while, then complete failure.  Here is the first part--I will post the rest when I finish.  Thanks for reading!


If you are old enough to remember the TV show, "Northern Exposure," you might well have a taste of the slower pace of life above the "bridge" in the U.P. (see "Definitions"), where strangers are met with a smile and a "hello," and talk is local.  "Fish bitin' in Indian Lake?"  "Nah, de May-flies are out."  "Did our girls' softball team make it to the playoffs?"  "Yep!"

Light stays long on summer nights this far north, but Andy and I were the first to crawl into our tents, leaving the youngsters to make s'mores around the fire.  Somehow they slept past the vivacious wake-up calls of pillaging ravens and seagulls at daybreak.

Andy and I got up.

Early morning--our favorite time of day.  A quiet campground (well, except for those pesky winged noise-makers), a cool walk with the dogs, and then a short drive into Manistique for coffee and home-cooked blueberry pancakes at the Emerald City Expresso Cafe (Expresso, in the U.P.?).  Fortified thus, we'd be better prepared to rustle up grub for the rest of the family back at camp.

We asked the young waitress who greeted us (her first customers) at the door, We are raising a Leader Dog for the Blind puppy, can we bring him in with us?

"Oh, I don't think so," she replied, a bit flustered, "I think it's against the Health Regulations or something...ah, just a minuet, eh?  I'll go ask."  FLD Mike, wearing his working jacket, waited patiently.

A few moments later she returned sheepishly from the kitchen, "Oh, of course, bring him in."  We learned later that someone else in Manistique had raised puppies for Leader Dogs in years past.  The townsfolk we met typically asked, "Can I pet him?  I know he's working." be continued...

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