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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vacation Rambles

I know, more boring vacation stories, just what you wanted!  Well, I can't help it.  There were so many fun things that happened.  So, you'll just have to suffer through my vacation "slide show" (with commentary)....and then I'll be done.


In the space of about three weeks, FLD Mike lost his puppy fur--I plucked it out in chunks and brushed out softball-sized fur-balls.

During our camping trip I tossed these clumps in a pile next to our tent, surprised that they didn't blow away.  

The third morning, as I knelt to take these pictures, a pair of fellow campers strolled by and gave me a curious look.  I'm not sure if they thought I was nuts to be on my elbows and knees taking a picture, or if they couldn't figure out what I was taking a picture of!  FLD Mike's cast-off coat mimicked the leftovers of a midnight-wild-animal-kill.  

Let them wonder.  But I am saddened.  FLD Mike is no longer puppy-fuzz soft--his fur is coarse and way too adult-like.  Too soon he will return to Leader Dogs for the Blind.


The Humane Society of Schoolcraft County's "Pet Parade" in downtown Manistique during "Folk Fest" was not the only puppy parade that week.  My nieces had their own parade through Indian Lake Campground.

Here is Sofia with Gypsy, Natalie with FLD Mike, and Elaina with cc'd Rosie (click here to read my continuing series "The Rosie Road").


The dogs especially liked when the pup-parade brought them down to the lake for a swim.  I've witnessed no greater joy expressed than when my Gypsy-doodle is chasing a stick into the water.

FLD Mike (on the long green lead) in turn loved chasing Gypsy, while Rosie preferred to merely wade in the cool water.

(Forewarning:  some people might consider one of the following pictures to be X-rated.)

Tubing:  Andy pulls the kids.

What's the big deal about a boat ride?
FLD Mike takes a nap...

...and has no shame!

Any excuse for cake!  We celebrated two birthdays. (Rosie didn't get cake--only a new Nylabone wrapped up with treats.)

Natalie turned nine.

Rosie turned two.


Ok, no one ventured a guess as to what I "did wrong" in yesterday's second video.  I'm not sure I want to say...well, alrighty then.  What I did "wrong" was to say "OK" to FLD Mike more than ONE TIME.  Remember, when giving a command, only say the command ONCE.  If your puppy doesn't respond, physically make him/her do the command.  Repeating the command will cause your puppy to not pay attention the next time a command is given.

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