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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FLD Dutch, week 2

A typical training moment...

Dutch sits and cocks his head, his dark eyes melting my heart. When he doesn't get anything, he drops to his belly and ducks his head looking up as if to say, Will this "down" get me a treat?

Nope. We're working on "mat" this session.

He belly-aches at me and pops up to a "sit." That still doesn't get it. He mumbles. He gets up and circles around and happens to step on his mat against the wall.

YES! Dutch whips his head and trots over for his treat. He repeats with the sits and downs but quicker this time he goes over to the mat. I wait. He turns and sits.

YES! He bounces over for his treat and turns back to the mat, foregoing the sits and downs. At the mat he drops right into a "down."

YES! I bring the treat to him.
Dutch inhales the bit of kibble, flips around and bounds out of the room. I follow. He heads right for the back door. 

Yahoo! We're making progress! I clip on his leash and we're out the door to "park."

Gus wants in on the "mat" action.

Good old Gus puts up with the new pup!

Here, Dutch, let me show you how to do "mat."