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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Puppy photos

Just a few fun shots of my GROWING puppy.

Dutch has gained 3 pounds in less than two weeks!

A close up shot of  Dutch's fuzzy face as he's laying on the floor. His left front paw is holding down an ice cube.
FLD Dutch loves ice cubes almost as much as Scout did!

Dutch and Gus playing in our living room. Dutch has his nose wrinkled up, ears flopping and eyes closed. Gus has a moon eye with a wide open mouth full of big white teeth. It's all in fun, it just looks scary!
Sometimes Lab-wrestling looks scary!

Gus is laying on the floor licking a blue Kong that is between his front legs that are stretched out in front of him. Dutch is sprawled on Gus's back and he's biting on Gus's ear. Gus is too preoccupied to care.
Gentleman Gus puts up with the young upstart climbing on his back and chewing his ear. He has a Kong filled with kibble!

A side view closeup of fuzzy Dutch. Only his front legs and body is in the frame. He is in mid-jump in the snow, kicking it up behind him. His brown leash is under his belly.
First snow! Yippee!!!

A low frontal view of Dutch standing in the snow. He has some snow on his nose from digging around in it. His brown leash runs between his front legs. In the background is our full woodshed and a big oak tree.
What's that on your nose, Dutch?

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