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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Walking blind

Thomas Dockham is a nature photographer. His assistant is a black Labrador Retriever named "Bubba." As Dockham puts it, "The things he [Bubba] has allowed me to do, that I felt I could not do before I had him..."

Bubba is a Leader Dog. His job is to guide the visually impaired Dockham safely from place to place. Dockham set himself (and met) a goal of walking 1000 miles over this past summer to raise money for Leader Dogs for the Blind. Of course, that meant that Bubba had to walk too. Bubba has his own FaceBook page and this is what he posted a week or so ago:
Oh, I forgot. On August 13, I saved my client (my pal) from a bus that blew a red light...I have been taking him to the doctors for knee pain and they said he pulled a kneecap tendon and an IT Band. He's doing better, he finally is listening to the doctors and ME!!"
"But you know what," Dockham said, "I am alive. Because of HIM."

Dockham has put together a 22-page booklet, Walking Blind, A Different Point of View. The book contains photographs that Dockham has taken, with the help of Leader Dog Bubba.

I've got one on order. Dockham has promised me that he'll sign it, and get Bubba to put his paw-print on it too! 

To order one for yourself, or as a gift for others, visit Dockham's photography website here: Dockham Photography.

Good work, Bubba! (And you too, Thomas!)

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