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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Road trip!

FLD Dutch traveled downstate with me this past weekend. Everything is "new" for puppies, but this trip proved to be filled with exceptionally new experiences for the little guy. Okay, he is not so little--16.9 lbs at weigh-in for his second round of shots at Leader Dogs for the Blind.

An almost-five-year-old blond headed girl (my niece Zoey) holds a fistful of kibble. She just figured out that "Dtuz" will sit on her command. Dutch, a fuzzy 10-week-old Golden Retriever sits in front of her looking up in anticipation. Behind them are coats in a pile and hanging on hooks belonging to family members who came to the cookie bake.For instance, Dutch attended our family's annual cookie bake. Here he is sitting for my niece, Zoey, who had trouble saying his name.

Zoey learned that whenever she called "Dutz" he came running for her! (It might have been the kibble she clenched in her tiny fist.)

The blond five-year-old is sqatting with eyes closed, her right hand reaching for the floor for balance. The 10-week-old Golden Retriver puppy has one front paw on her knee. He might have just given her a puppy lick!
What a giggle erupted after a surprise puppy kiss!

FLD Dutch also hung out at Anderson Music during my niece Elaina's French Horn lesson. His head tilt was the epitome of "My Master's Voice" as her notes came pouring through the bottom crack of the door.

Later, he wasn't too sure about the music that came out of Natalie's tuba.

The fuzzy Golden Retriever puppy has his head inside the bell of a tuba.
What's in there?

The puppy has his head pulled out of the tuba like he wasn't sure what happened. My niece, Nataile is in the background with her fingers on the pads.
Whoa! What was that?!

Natalie is sitting on the floor about to blow her tuba. Black Lab "Rosie" is looking back at the camera with the white of her left eye showing. The puppy is in front of her looking away from the camera and at the tuba.
Natalie prepares to toot her tuba. Cc'd Rosie looks over as if to say, "This is going to be good!"

The puppy is sitting in the corner between a floor lamp and a cabinet. Mostly you can only see his head and his big black eyes.
One toot later and FLD Dutch is hiding in the corner.

My niece Sofia is sitting on the floor with the puppy, who is partially hidden behind a horn case.
Sofia coaxes Dutch out of the corner. He peeks around the horn case to see if everything is okay.

The black lab is licking the puppy's face as he sits behind the tuba, which is on the floor. The puppy's head is stretched back.
Rosie says to Dutch, "It's okay pup, don't be afraid, it's just a lot of air!"

Natalie is to the left and is petting the puppy, who is sitting near the tuba that is on the floor. My other niece, Claire, is sprawled out on the ottoman looking on.
Natalie lets Dutch check out the tuba.

The puppy is pawing the tuba with his right front paw.
Guess this big old horn isn't so bad after all!


  1. Just saw your blog from the Leader Dog post. You are now on my favorite list. We are raising our first puppy, Macy will be 44 weeks this Sunday. I can't wait to go thru your past posts. And LOVE the pictures. Thanks you.

    1. Hi Jean! Thanks for visiting my blog and putting it on your list. As you go through past posts you'll see I was much better about posting earlier on. I hope, now with Dutch, I'll do better at keeping current. I have a freelance writing/photo job with our little local paper, so that keeps me from blogging as much as I'd like. Well, that's my excuse!

      Thanks for raising Macy! It's a wonderful thing. :)