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Friday, December 21, 2012

All in good stride.

Career-changed Gus is super tolerant of young Mr. Dutch.

Straddle his back and chew his ears while he's laying down? No problem. When Gus gets tired of it he gets up and wrestles Dutch to the floor.

Dutch pauses in  his ear-chewing. Who me? I'm innocent.

Grab his rear ankles? No problem. Gus dances his way through the house on light feet and keeps on moving.

Swing from his tail? This doesn't seem to bother him at all.

Gus takes refuge on the couch, where he knows Dutch cannot go. Dutch still has hold of Gus's tail!

By the end of the evening, Gus is ready to relax. Dutch is not. We have to be careful--Gus jumps onto our laps to get away from the youngster, whether we're ready for him or not!

Andy relaxes on the couch after dinner. Gus plans his leap.

There is one thing, though, that Gus won't tolerate...

Keep away from my stick!


  1. Awe, good boy Gus!

    Aspen and Canyon, our golden retrievers, are both amazing with puppies. Aspen will let them chew on her, pull her tail and even cuddle up for a nap. Canyon is so gentle when playing - his favourite game with Rogue (which they still play) is tug, where he holds a toy and she pulls him around the living room (we have hard wood). the older Rogue has gotten, the easier it has become to pull him around lol!

    Cessna, my current guide dog, is not so tolerant with puppies. If they come around her, she'll move and try to avoid their advances as much as possible. Once the puppy turns six months though, she is usually more willing to play.

    1. Hey Brooke, sounds like loads of fun at your house! They are amazing. :) (thanks for stopping by!)

  2. Gus, what a good boy he is! Dutch is such a sweet puppy. Love your postings.

    1. Thanks for visiting Jean! I'm glad you like our blog. :)